Domain Name Management

From business and commercial websites, public and organisational pages, to personal blogs, the domain name is a vital piece of a site’s identification. At the core of any organisation, enterprise or individual maintaining online presence is the domain name system (DNS), an Internet protocol that essentially translates into the unique IP address of a company, business or personal website.

Your domain name is more than a URL address. It comprises a large part of your company or enterprise’s own branding in the vast spheres of the World Wide Web. The best picks for domain names are those that are unique, short and easy to remember, and contain the popular keywords that will make your site easily pop up in search engine results. But beyond the name itself is another more important point: domain registration.


We can register your  ideal domain on your behalf

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Too often, businesses put off registering their preferred domain names too late, only to realise that some other company or enterprise has grabbed it. With the multitude of companies, groups and individuals setting up some form of online presence, domain names are selling like pancakes, and the only way to ensure that you’re getting the domain name you want is to register it before it’s taken!

Take the stress of domain name management off your shoulders! We provide a comprehensive array of domain name management services so that you can rest easy and focus on the thing that matters – running your business.

Domain Name Registration

Whether you’re a start up, a medium-scale business or an individual setting up your own website, we can help you with the first and most important item on your list, your Domain Name registration.

We make domain registration light and easy. Allow us to do the work of searching for the availability of your preferred domain name in the vast number of domain registrars – and then getting it registered before someone else snaps it up. All we need are your contact information so we know who to register the domain name to.

Domain Name Renewal

A good mark of a consistent presence online is if your website is up and running using the same domain name year on year. Part of website maintenance work is domain name renewal every year.

If you’re worried that you’ll miss your renewal – don’t worry we can renew the domain for you! So you don’t have to worry about losing that domain name – and your website – the next day. This service is included in out Domain Name Management service.

DNS Amendments and Transfer

There is much work that goes into domain management, especially if you’re handling multiple domains. So from managing DNS records on your domains, to transferring a domain name in and out from registrar to another and changing your admin contact information, we can make these changes for you!

Corporate Domain Handling

We understand, more than ever, the value of a corporate domain name and how important it is maintain a consistent and aggressive online presence. This is why we strive to provide our clients truly excellent and reliable service when it comes to corporate domain name management.

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