Email Management

For many business owners, email is the avenue by which critical information is distributed to all concerned parties. Nowadays, emails have become an indispensable aspect of doing business with approximately 144 billion emails being sent every day (source: Radicati Group). Company’s often use tools which integrate with their customer databases which help them send out targeted marketing campaigns. Aside from marketing email communications, email messaging is currently the most popular form of online communication.

Our talented IT professionals are experts in managing your company’s email which includes; setting up email accounts, setting up email software such as Outlook, email forwarding, email auto-responders, spam filtering, Office 365 and Exchange Online.


We can setup individual accounts & software


Have the ability to forward accounts to others

Auto Reply

Setup auto responders or out of office assistant


Take advantage of our Email spam filtering


Speak to us about Email backup solutions


Faster and more efficient email / calendar solution
Email Setup

We can initially setup your email account ready for you to receive those all-important emails! With the initial setup we can also; use various email programs such as Outlook in order for you to access your email, setup webmail so you can access your email all around the world, setup your email’s on iPhones, iPads, Blackberry’s and other devices. We can also setup the connection of your domain to mail servers including MX record configuration.

Email Forwarding

Generally, company employees have multiple email accounts for personal and professional purposes. Email forwarding comes in handy as it helps the business to forward messages from one account to another. This feature is perfect for users who want to maintain anonymity and for those who are looking to forward former employee emails to their inbox.

Email Auto-Responders

Many companies recognise the significance of an email application that automatically sends prewritten messages in response to an email coming into a particular account. If your organisation is one of those companies, we can help you setup auto responders.

Spam Filtering

Email spam filtering is a service that detects unsolicited and unwelcome messages and stops those emails from reaching a user’s mailbox. A huge amount of global email messages are considered spam and if you want to keep unwanted messages from clogging your employees’ inbox, our company can provide spam filters that can effectively keep each user’s inbox free from spam.

Office 365

We can also setup Office 365 for your business so you can take full advantage of the following features:

  • Installation of Office applications.
  • Installation of Office applications on Windows tablets and iPad.
  • Office applications for smartphones so users can view and edit Office-compatible files on mobile devices.
  • Access to online versions of MS Office programs such as Word and Excel.
  • Access to business-class email services with 50 GB of storage.
  • Availability of data storage and sharing with 1 TB of space per user.
  • Limitless online meetings in addition to High Definition video conferencing.
  • Availability of an easy to set up public website.
  • Integration of directory for convenient management of user permissions and credentials.
Exchange Online

Our company can also setup Exchange Online for your organisation so you can migrate all of your business emails over to the cloud instead of having them store on an on-site server. With the use of the service, your emails are stored on Microsoft’s Cloud servers which takes away the worry of hardware, software and maintenance.

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