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Creating a website for your business is one of the best investments you will ever choose to make. A website will bring in more traffic to the business, it can generate more interest amongst your target market and ultimately generating more sales for you. While it is worthwhile having a business site, you also need to consider its backup and security.

You need to ensure you have a complete backup of your files and any linked databases. Usually these are stored locally on the developer’s machines or a web server. People tend to neglect the need of backing up websites, but essentially everything is stored on a computer and this computer can fail at any time.

Your server stores all the pages, images, and content that you have uploaded on your website. This is handy in regards to backups – because even if your computer was to crash, you still have all the important data on your hosting server… but imagine if your web server was to fail or catch a virus.

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Most people do not give importance to website backups as they do not understand the consequences. Companies spend thousands of pounds in development fees and hosting fees to have their website live. For businesses which are solely reliant on their website, backing up the information becomes critical!

A hard drive failure is identified to be one of the most common reasons why servers fail. There is always a chance that your hard drive can fail, but it also depends on the type of server that your web hosting company has chosen. Sometimes hard drives are not properly configured and redundancy or failures is an afterthought. More importantly it is extremely important to ensure your website is secure from hackers as they are always on the prowl when it comes to secure information.

We are here to help you secure your website. Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Website BackupOur solution connects using your FTP / SFTP credentials and pulls all your content remotely to us or the cloud, making it readily accessible to you anywhere and anytime.
  • Our website back up services include the copy of all your files, databases, cron jobs or scheduled tasks including any other settings you may have configured.
  • We can take backups of your data on a one off or regular basis, depending on your requirement. We can talk about the best schedule that fits your need – usually we carry out backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Once all the files are downloaded, you can load them onto another server or machine allowing you to recreate your website. This is handy if you want to change website hosting providers.

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