Pay As You Go IT Support

One of the most critical and expensive items on a business’ budget is IT management and support. For a business to stay on top of the industry, it should have not only top of the line IT hardware and applications, but also the most reliable and extensive IT support.

These, however, often come with a big cost. Maintaining a well-trained, equipped IT staff to provide immediate and urgent solutions is one thing. Putting a company on a monthly retainer to provide full IT support and solutions is another. In many cases, maintaining both external and internal IT support can cause a significant dent in your business’ budget.

The answer is Pay As You Go IT Support where you only pay for services when you need it, as you use it. By paying only for those times that you need IT assistance, you eliminate lock-in periods and unnecessary monthly fees when there aren’t any serious or critical IT issues that your staff couldn’t handle. It’s a surefire way to reduce costs while making certain that you have ready, available, quick and most of all, qualified IT help when you need it.

No Commitment

No contract

Only Pay

for the support you receive

Unlimited Support

for PC & Servers

Fast Response

We respond swiftly

Our Pay As You Go IT Support option includes support via telephone, remote and on-site. You can count on us to provide you with the answers and the solutions when it comes to your IT needs – whether via Remote Support, the Telephone or in the comfort and convenience of your own office. We service businesses throughout the UK.

Enjoy fast response time and extensive IT solutions without the hassles of lock-in periods and monthly contract fees!

Say goodbye to lock-in periods and monthly admin fees that you pay even when you don’t use the service. Because this package is on an ad-hoc basis, pay only for every time you use the service. Without a monthly commitment, you’re free to use the money you would otherwise spend as a monthly retainer for IT support, on other things in your business.

We’re upfront about everything: You only pay for services delivered. Our no fix, no fee policy for our remote support is a guarantee that you only pay for services and solutions rendered or delivered.

Reliability is a big thing when it comes to IT management, and this is the one thing we consciously strive to deliver.

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