Remote IT Support

Round the clock IT Support ensures that operations continue to proceed as expected. For some businesses, there are no holidays or strict office or business hours and it is only paramount that there is ready IT support for those unexpected instances. Larger corporate companies maintain an IT staff on standby but for start-ups that would like to cut down on costs, IT support is often on a per case basis arrangement. In some cases, it is even possible that the business owner or manager himself is also the one who handles all the IT work.

And with the extensive array of technology, digital solutions and services; it has become harder for many users to find the right experts to solve IT concerns. This is where Serenus IT Computing can help you by providing first class Remote IT Support. We provide this service to Managed IT Support customers or Pay As You Go IT Support customers.

Our Remote IT Support is perfect for businesses with no IT staff on standby. This is also ideal for households with limited technical expertise in dealing with IT issues including hardware or software questions. As all work carried out is remotely, this service is available to customers not only nationally but worldwide!

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Urgent Issues

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This remote support package is ideal for urgent and pressing IT concerns that need immediate attention, whether it’s troubleshooting operations and commands, installing certain software or setting up hardware. Moreover, our round the clock support means that you get the answers and assistance you need any time of the day.

As all work carried out is remotely, this service is available to customers not only nationally but worldwide!

We don’t charge for anything that doesn’t bring you the fix you need. Pay only for services and solutions rendered and delivered. This is our way of staying true to our promise of bringing only quality and reliable solutions that actually work!

More than anything, we know that you’re paying for our expertise, and you can be assured that our Support Agents are comprised of well-trained, equipped, knowledgeable and professional staff! You can Chat directly with a Support Agent during your Remote IT Support session.

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