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It is important that your computers are protected against phishing and other Internet fraud. There are thousands of cyber criminals who pry into the private affairs of an individual by hacking into one’s computers.

Computers are just as dangerous as they are helpful; they are as secure as they are vulnerable.

Where the physical locations of both small and large businesses have security guards and cameras, or at least some form of protection from thieves or spies, computers too have their own means of protection. Computers can store endless (almost) amount of data crucial to a business, government, or private life.

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The perils of an unprotected internet connection

There are several ways the data can be stolen. A very common way is to deploy a virus or worm into your hard drive. If you download some applications from the Internet, and your computer is not protected from viruses, malware, and spyware, you are risking your privacy, particularly, your personal information.

Once your personal data is stolen, the possible scenarios or crimes that may be committed against you are identity theft and phishing.

To protect your computers from external or remote theft, security software is available. Such software goes by the name of Anti Virus. There are packages that can be downloaded for free from the internet. But the most that they offer is basic anti-virus.

Free anti-virus packages offer a low level of protection and in most cases cannot protect you from other harms such as spyware, malware, and adware.

Technological Pandemic

Anti virus & SecurityComputer viruses are not all that dissimilar to their organic cousins. They are also a piece of software, program, or set of codes that enter a system in a spy-like manner. They have several purposes. One purpose is to remain in the computer, and destroy its data.

They then either cause havoc to the computer or feed information to their creator. In many cases, they transfer control over the computer unto their creator. And just like the amoeba, these computer viruses also have the ability to replicate – divide and overwhelm your computer.

It was once said that computers operating with Windows OS are the most vulnerable to viruses since the software creation. The inner working of Windows operating system is so spread out that almost anyone can make something compatible with the system. But nowadays, even the supposedly impregnable Mac is under threats, though not a big threat yet, but thanks to the increasing number of Mac units being sold the world over, hackers have also begun to target them.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Most computers these days come with basic pre-installed anti-virus software. But these alone are not enough for most businesses. It is important to have a full and comprehensive anti-virus package installed on your computer to insure you are protected against viruses and malware.

The threats posed by hackers are serious and real. Many of these hackers are highly skilled to even penetrate against the massive and strict security measures of large companies and even governments. The availability of different anti-virus packages buttresses the threat.

At the purchase of a computer, check whether the pre-installed anti-virus package is full and comprehensive. Some packages can be downloaded from the Internet for free but the services offered are basic and limited.

Types of Offered Protection

We offer two types of anti-virus solutions: the cloud-based and the traditional server-based.

The cloud-based is the latest strategy in protecting your computers from malware, spyware, viruses and all nasty software. The idea behind the cloud-based is to let businesses or individuals access both the software and the servers which are located in more secure data centres.

On the other hand, the traditional server-based are anti-virus packages that once installed on your computer need to continually update their databases through the server.

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