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Data Recovery SolutionsData is a critical part of any business. No matter how small or big an enterprise is, corporate data storage and protection is crucial. Losing any significant data can cause serious consequences to any company. It can cost a business significantly large amounts of money including impact the company’s productivity. The importance of data can never be undermined since every part of the organisation relies on common information that is significant to every contributing member of the team.

A significant number of companies have already started relying on online and offline data backups for data protection, ensuring that they can easily recover their information case of data loss. Data backup plans also protect valuable information from unforeseen circumstances such as fire or flood disasters.

The primary and most fail-safe method of preventing data recovery are data backups. Data backup basically means we will copy your company’s critical information to ensure that if an unlikely event does arise, we should be able to restore your information with minimal effort.

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Backups will be greatly helpful for two major purposes: to restore a computer to an operational state following an accident, and to recover information files after they have been deleted or corrupted, which are both forms of data recovery.

In the event that you lose critical information because you were not able to create a backup for it, we provide you with our technical expertise on data recovery services. We have worked with various clients and have been successfully recovering critical business data for many years. We can provide the same service to you, we can recover data from Servers, PC’s, Laptop’s, SAN & NAS drives, memory sticks and photo cards and more.

Data Recovery Solutions Hard DrivesData recovery is important for every company since critical data may be at risk – from simple to the most catastrophic data loss circumstances. It can be caused by natural disasters, hardware failure, hard drive errors, viruses or system crashes. Our goal is to successfully recover lost data and ensure that your data privacy is kept a priority at all times. We can perform specialised business data recovery solutions for your company. We can recover data from solid state drives, RAIDs, hard drives, and tapes. We offer you our extensive experience of performing database recoveries which include both Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL databases.

Our data recovery services include working on highly complex mission-critical enterprise servers to your average laptop or desktop computers. Our secure state of the art facilities, cutting edge tools that we have specially designed to solve the most complex data loss issues, and our stringent quality control and comprehensive data verification process will help guarantee a successful data recovery process.

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