Network Installations

A well-designed infrastructure is crucial to the security and reliability of your company. However, network systems installed several years ago are generally unable to support today’s ever-increasing bandwidth requirements. Companies not outfitted with a robust network infrastructure will lag behind the competition. To get your business into its best possible shape, a relatively modest investment will go a long way in assuring top notch performance of your network systems including protection and maintenance.

With our company’s experience in providing IT network infrastructure solutions, we can address your needs when it comes to introducing a new system, developing or modifying an existing network or upgrading network hardware. Each project is handled by our seasoned IT professionals who will ensure that your IT architecture is designed for optimum security and performance.


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Network Design and Implementation

With our extensive experience in this field, we can help your business design a new network or upgrade an existing network. Our company is committed to providing excellent results for our clients including the design and installation of structured cabling, wireless applications, and fibre optics among others. We have seasoned engineers who will make sure that our clients only receive the highest standard of professionalism.

Install Structured Network Cabling

Network-InstallationsWith the rate that technology is developing, structured network cabling systems are turning out to be essential for any business. A robust and scalable network is crucial if you want your business to immediately adapt new technologies at a cost-effective rate. Our company can establish the network foundation of your business by installing structured network cabling.

We have engineers who are experienced in providing end to end cabling solutions including data, fibre optic and voice cabling. Whether your organisation is rolling out emerging technology or modifying your network for an upgrade, we can deliver a scalable and low cost network cabling system that has the capacity to integrate new technology and meet your data transfer needs.

The company’s track record serves as ever-growing proof of our capabilities to provide a wide range of network cabling solutions starting from design to installation. We can also deliver relocation solutions whether your business is moving within the building or moving to a different site.

We offer structured cabling for small or large businesses throughout the UK.

Installation of Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables

Our IT engineers are capable in selecting the type of cabling that suits your business needs. It is our responsibility to make sure that your cables are properly installed including the provision of RJ45 wall and floor sockets which are compliant with the current standards.

Install Servers, Routers and Switches

If you are looking for an IT partner to address your needs in commissioning servers, routers and switches, choosing our company to provide solutions can be the start of an ideal partnership. We have experts who specialise in server installation and server migration. We will design and install the most suitable solution that will not only improve business productivity but will also minimise technical disruption.

Install Firewall and Wireless Access Points

To keep your business secure from unauthorised access, we can help your business by installing security equipment such as a firewall that prevents unauthorised access.

For range extension of your company’s Wi-Fi signal, our IT professionals are well versed in wireless access point installation. We can provide the correct equipment that delivers high speed and secure wireless connections.

Wireless Network Installation

Our company has extensive experience in Wireless LAN network implementation that will facilitate office communications and data sharing between users. The role of a wireless network is to provide data sharing convenience and when integrated with the wired network of your business, it can offer a wide range of benefits that includes print and fax systems.

Network Troubleshooting

Any network errors or required changes will be addressed by our company. Our IT experts are available for network troubleshooting for businesses throughout the UK.

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