Desktop Roll Outs and Migration

In order for a business to operate at an optimum efficiency, its software and hardware must be the latest in technology. Making use of the latest technology optimises productivity, thus enhancing overall quality and performance of a company.

Over time, such technology may become outdated as there are developments introduced both to software and hardware. The processes which are handled by the computers may become more complex throughout the years. Using old software may slow down business processes. And that can have a negative impact on your profits.

There is, therefore, the need to constantly keep the software or hardware, and on some occasions, both, updated.

Our company is engaged in providing comprehensive technological services to business organisation, from small-scale to large scale. Two of our important services are roll outs and migration.

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Computer Migration

Computer migration, also known as data or software migration, is the transfer of information and applications between two computers. The most common scenario would be to transfer an old computer for a new one, including all of its data.

This transfer of information is not just the simple transfer of files. It also includes software settings, configurations files, temporary files, and even the registry information.

It is important that everything is transferred properly. A missing file can cause serious issues for your users. As we have had so much experience in this field—we feel that our expertise will truly be valuable when migrating or rolling out.

Roll Outs

On the other hand, the roll out is a word used to introduce a new product or service to the market. In the Information Technology industry, roll out is a product announcement.

When integrated into businesses, roll out is the process or the stage of installing new equipment to be used by the organisation.

What We Offer

We offer new hardware solutions such as sourcing the correct machines or building custom ones. Then we can take care of the OS installation, which can be done using custom system images. We also install drivers and all necessary software.

Our knowledge is sophisticated to cover not only the current technological issues in your business. We can also impart to you our foresight so you can avoid common future problems.

The Big Move

We have experts who supervise every step of the way to insure everything is in perfect order.

We can install any custom software you wish, from bespoke applications to company-licensed software.

Despite our seasoned expertise, we are open to the idea of working hand-in-hand with you in strategically planning out your company’s roll out or migration with a little disruption to the workflow as possible.

Our expertise includes backlog upgrade such as refreshing your hardware. We also respond to disaster striking. Our wide range of projects afforded us the skills and flexibility needed to meet most of any of our customers’ needs. We work alongside our customers from the very earliest stages of planning until the very end of the project to make sure that all goes smoothly.

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