Network Security

Network SecurityMore often than not, small and medium businesses lack the technological and financial resources that large companies enjoy. If that’s the case, your company’s network security may not be enough to safeguard your organisation from sophisticated and large scale Internet attacks.

Generally, a network security system is dependent on several layers of protection including network monitoring and software security. These components work together to repel the most common threats such as viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware and others. Without security, a successful intrusion can cause damage to your company’s finances and reputation. If you are not convinced of the urgency of having a solid network security, statistics reveal that cyber crime in United Kingdom is currently number three in the list of most important forms of economic crimes.

Therefore if you do not want your organisation to suffer from the effects of a network breakdown due to an attack, our company is a network security solutions provider that can offer the protection your business needs. We can help assess your network’s vulnerabilities and offer robust security protocols in order to protect your company’s assets.





Anti Virus


Anti Malware

Anti Virus Implementation

Viruses are programs that are intentionally designed to meddle with computer operations or spread themselves throughout other computers in your network. Sophisticated viruses can corrupt, record or remove essential business data. If you want to spare your business from network-related issues due to a virus, we can provide managed anti-virus solutions that can detect, stop and carry out quarantine or removal protocols to eliminate malicious programs from your system.

Anti Malware Implementation

Not every employee is familiar with threats from the internet like malware. It is not uncommon to hear stories of how an employee downloaded what seemed like a useful program only to find out later that the program was the root cause of computer operation disruption or unauthorised user access. When such a thing occurs, it can stall vital business functions that can lead to potentially huge losses.

For a modest investment, our IT experts can step in and implement anti malware measures to keep your business beyond the reach of intrusive or malicious software.

Firewall Installation

As part of maintaining the health and security of your computer network, our company can also provide firewall installations for small to large companies. Without a sophisticated firewall, your network is vulnerable to attacks and unauthorised access. A single successful network attack can cause significant damage to your network through viruses, Trojans and worms loaded by the hacker.

Our IT professionals can survey your network and install a firewall that will not only block an attack but will also notify your administrator of suspicious incoming and ongoing traffic.

Data Encryption

If you need to protect your company’s most sensitive data, we can implement a data encryption solution. In a nutshell, encryption renders your data inaccessible to would-be hackers by requiring them to input unique credentials. As long as you keep the required credentials a secret, it is almost impossible for anyone to open your data.

We can help you setup strong data encryption methods to ensure that sensitive data are only seen and accessed by authorized users.

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