Network Solutions

Network SolutionsIf a company wants to maintain its competitive edge, it needs a sound network architecture to streamline business processes. Our company has extensive experience in providing computer network solutions and we are offering our services to businesses based throughout the UK. We can deliver applications that will help you create an adaptable business that runs efficiently.

Network Design

We can conduct on-site assessment to analyse and develop a network design which will help us implement a network that is suitable to meet the demands of your company. We can deliver comprehensive, reliable and secure LAN and WLAN services to make sure that your network operates at its peak.

Business Start ups

Whether your company is still in its infancy or it has acquired the support of an investor, we can provide small business network solutions that will help your organisation grow so one day, it can take its rightful place as an industry leader.



Pro-Active 24/7


Wireless Network



Backup Solutions

Data backup is something our company takes seriously. As one of the vital aspects of IT services that we provide to our clients, we help secure copies of your organisation’s most essential files in more ways than one.

Our IT professionals will help you identify the best backup solutions that fit your company’s profile. If your organisation lacks the required storage and backup equipment, we can design and deliver low cost solutions suitable to the needs and budget of your business.

For large business network solutions, we can provide dedicated server backups that can be run locally or through the Cloud and can be scheduled to function according to your company’s processes. Whatever you decide on, we have IT experts with sufficient skill and know-how to take care of your company’s backup and recovery requirements.

Structured Cabling

We have qualified IT engineers that can provide structured cabling services, beginning with the design of your structured cable system to installation, assessment and then documentation. With our experience, we can deliver data, video and voice cabling systems capable of high speed transmission at very competitive rates.

Voice over IP Systems

Legacy phone systems are becoming a thing of the past. Many companies are now utilising VOIP systems for its many benefits including:

  • Cost savings. Today’s businesses are not locally confined and for that reason a lot of businesses have opted to go for VoIP systems for communications. For long-distance calls, the difference between VoIP and public phone networks in terms of costs are staggering.
  • Service Mobility and Portability. Unlike traditional phone systems, VoIP devices can be used anywhere as long as there’s IP connectivity. Since you carrying the device, you can enjoy its features wherever you go.

With our company’s assistance, your business can take full advantage of these features and more.

24/7 Monitoring

We have IT professionals who take a proactive approach in monitoring your systems, so we can anticipate and address problems before they occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hardware Sales

You don’t need to look elsewhere for hardware. We have a wide range of suppliers of IT equipment. We purchase the following brands on a regular basis: Dell, Cisco, Intel and HP – allowing us to provide you equipment with extremely competitive prices.

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