PC & Laptop Repairs

Technology has been an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Businesses leverage on technology for their daily services, people communicate and connect through the tools that are products of advancement in technology. PC and Laptops are the most dependable tools we use to ensure we utilise technology for our advantage.

While it is convenient to use computers, it is inevitable that there will be technical difficulties and challenges that one can experience when it comes to hardware. These challenges include hardware or software glitches that can affect your PC or laptop.

Software and hardware technical difficulties can impact your work stream or your personal needs. You cannot afford to neglect a client’s email just because your laptop does not function or miss a booking schedule just because you cannot access your PC. Any glitch on your PC and laptop should be immediately repaired by a team of experts.


Health Check

Wipe & Rebuild


Data Recovery


Hardware Repair


We can provide you with our technical expertise and service. We will fix your PC or laptop issues so you can use them conveniently and efficiently again.

Here are some of the services we can offer you:

  1. Malware and virus removal. Your computer operation can be totally disrupted by a malware. This is software that can be used against your computer wherein your sensitive information can be at risk. Malware is generally used to refer to a variety of computer viruses, Trojan hoses, spyware, adware, and other programs that can directly affect your computer. Malware can be in the form of scripts or codes, and most of the time, trojans and worms bring the threat. If you think your PC or laptop has been affected by any form of malware, we can remove it for you.
  2. Wipe and rebuild. Computer may need a complete wipe and rebuild for several reasons. Some of these reasons include—when we need to remove a virus from your machine, or when there is a need to reinstall the hard drive in another computer, when there are multiple issue with the operating system, or when you are upgrading your operating system. Some would even like to wipe out the system to have a fresh start and get rid of any clutter. Whatever the reason may be, if you need your machine rebuilding—we are confident in efficiently completing this task for you!
  3. Hardware and software upgrades. Both the hardware and software would need upgrades from time to time to ensure that your machine can keep up with the more modern applications and ensure your machine is running efficiently.
  4. Hard drive replacement. A hard drive is a very important component of your computer. While it stores all your and your computer’s data, it is not safe from damages, virus, or any other unforeseen events. We can replace your hard drive with a new and efficient one – including the latest type of super fast, non mechanical SSD hard drives.
  5. PC Laptop Repairs MotherboardMotherboard repairs. Computer glitches and issues can vary from the simplest to the most damaging ones. While a technical issue on motherboards can be really challenging, we have the correct tools to quickly diagnose motherboard issues and resolve them efficiently.
  6. Wireless issues. Are you having issues with your wireless connectivity? Do you only receive signal in a certain area of your home or business? If you have been experiencing this kind of trouble, please get in touch so we can diagnose the issue and fix it for you.
  7. Data transfer. Moving from one machine to another? Moving from a PC to a laptop? Need your data transferring including the setup and configuration of all of your applications and emails? If so – look no further, we can get this done for you causing you minimal disruption.
  8. Data retrieval and hard disk repair. In case you lose your data due to an unforeseen event, we can check if we can still recover the data and work on repairing or replacing your hard disk.
  9. Network installations. This service means cable installations for your PC’s and ensuring they are connected to the internet. Setup shares and connect them to the Internet.

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