System Health Check Ups

Personal Computers, most commonly referred to as PCs, are like people; they have health issues, which when ignored can lead to malfunctions, and in rare cases, failure. The most common issue for PC or a Laptop is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, which can be abbreviated to BSoD!

Failing health of a computer can be noticed in a number of ways; such as processes slowing down, programs or applications hanging or freezing and crashing. Computer users that regularly perform time consuming tasks know the feeling of terrible loss if the program they are using suddenly crashes on them before they were even able to save their work for the very first time.

Hard drive


Memory (RAM)



Errors Fixed

Malware / Virus


Computers can catch a virus, experience hardware failures; such as motherboard failures, memory (RAM) malfunction, power supply failures and hard drive failures. Failing hard drives can be the most costly, especially if data is lost and you need to have your data recovered! In some cases, if your machine has multiple problems it is best to replace the computer with a new modern fast machine.

PC Laptop Repairs MotherboardTo avoid catastrophic failures; a computer must have a regular check-up in order to avoid costly repairs / recovery costs.

Our expertise is highly flexible. For customers who do not have the luxury of time to take PC or laptop into their local repair shop – we take pleasure in making a visit to you.

Our engineers can free up that valuable disk space, remove unnecessary programs, upgrade hardware, resolve software issues and give your machine a general once over to ensure everything is working as it should!

One of the most common checks performed are after a machine has been infected with a virus or malware. If you feel that your machine has had a virus of some sort – then it’s best to get in touch with us ASAP. We have the correct tools to remove them and clean your computer.

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